Though we have already posted about various settings that top players like Ninja, Shroud, DrDisrespect and other players use, I thought why not share some common PC controls that results in the top notch building and combating actions.

So, If you are new to Fortnite and want to set your keyboard and mouse with the best possible controls, then you are at the right place.

Without a further ado lets get started with Fortnite PC Controls.

PC Controls

If you are new to the game then below controls will be best suited for you.

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move RightA
Move LeftD
Cursor ModeLeft Alt/Right Alt
JumpSpace Bar
FireLeft Mouse Button
Aim Right Mouse Button
Trap Equip/PickerT
Building EditG
SprintLeft Shift
Change Building MaterialRight Mouse Button
Reset Building EditRight Mouse Button
Weapons Slots 11
Weapons Slots 22
Weapons Slots 33
Weapons Slots 44
Ability Slots 1Z
Ability Slots 2X
Ability Slots 3C
Gadget Slots 15
Gadget Slots 26
Building Slots 1F1
Building Slots 2F2
Building Slots 3F3
Building Slots 4F4
Trap SlotF5
Switch QuickbarQ
Slot UpMouse Wheel Down
Slot DownMouse Wheel Up
Quick Chat MessageB
Place a NoteN
Spot TargetMiddle Mouse Button
Selected Building Type V
Toggle MapM
Toggle InventoryI
Skip CutsceneSpace Bar
ResurrectLeft Mouse Button
RespawnRight Mouse Button

Moreover, You can set the Fortnite keybinds as per your comfort or follow some other player settings likeĀ  Nickmercs, Tfue, Summit1G, Myth, Mongraal etc. Btw, If you can also get controls for PS4 and Xbox.

I hope now you know about theĀ best fortnite controls for PC. If you have any suggestions regarding these controls, then don’t hesitate to comment below and we will be happy to get back to you.