If you are a viewer of some of the pro Fortnite players like Shroud, Ninja, Myth etc, you must have heard about the word “Scrim”. If you know about Scrim then its really great but a lot players dont know what exactly Scrims are and how to join Pro scrims.

Don’t be confused, I will give you all the details about some of the Pro Scrim Discord server as well Pro snipes.

Also, We have complied a list of Fortnite pro snipes and Fortnite pro scrims Discord servers, often known as ProCord. And these servers will allow you to play with like-minded players and improve your Fortnite skills.

So, Lets get started!


Scrim is the shortened word for “scrimmage”, which usually means the teams will play against other pro Fortnite players to practice. So, In simple words its basically a matching of players for practice.

Since, there is no matchmaking system in Fortnite, the players who wants to practice together has to join a Scrim.

To join a scrim discord server, there are two ways, Firstly through sniping and Secondly by having a Matchmaking key. Though most of the Fortnite servers are open to everyone, some require a minimum K/D ratio(Kill/Death). This ratio is generally 2 which is easily achievable by most of the players but it still prevents newbies from getting screwed by the pro players.

Fortnite scrims are available in various formats i.e. Solo scrims, Duo scrims and Squad scrims.


When all the players who has to practice together, join the same server at the same time, it is called a Snipe.

The players will go to the same server and one of the player will start the countdown and they will all search for the game at the same time. This method does not guarantee if all the players will be in the same server or not but most of the time this technique works. 😉

So coming back to the second way of joining a snipe i.e. with a Custom Matchmaking Key.

What are Fortnite pro scrims?


Fortnite Pro Scrims

Talking about Fortnite, a pro scrim is the same as described above. A pro scrim usually consists of professional players who practice Fortnite together.

Since, Fortnite does not have a matchmaking system, pro scims are the only way for pro players to practice with other like-minded pro players.

How To Get a Custom Matchmaking Key?

Getting a Custom Matchmaking Key is no child’s play. Recently, Epic has started to give out custom matchmaking keys to some of the top Fortnite players. EPIC Game is try to take this thing to main stream and soon it will be the only way to join a scrim discord server.

Since, there is no way to get matchmaking keys you need to wait for some more time before the system is rolled out for everyone.

They do however see the need for custom matchmaking for pro players practicing and tournaments, and that is why custom matchmaking is in the game.

How to join a Fortnite scrims and pro scrims

If you want to practice with pro players, then there is a easy way out for you. You must join a Fortnite Discord server which hosts regular scrims.

This the most easy way to practice with other players. However, some discord servers has a minimum criteria like Kill/Death ratio (K/D) of 2 or more, or a minimum number of matches played. Setting a minimum criteria is a good way to save newbies from getting jacked by experienced players.

Fortnite Scrims Discord Servers

To play a scrim you must go through our Fortnite Discord server article where I have details about some of the best Fortnite Discord servers. However, I’m going to add the names along with the invite links of a few discord servers.

  1. FNBR.Co Discord
  2. Prosettings Discord
  3. FN Player 
  4. FN Pro League
  5. Fortnite FR
  6. Fortnite Network

Tips to Improve In Fortnite Scrims

As we know, Fortnite has become one of the biggest game of the current times which means there are a hell lot of players as well.

So if you want to improve in Scims, Snipes and ultimately in the game, you need to optimize your gameplay. There are two things that you can do for this:

You must go through the articles and improve your settings and it will definitely make a lot of difference. Also, make sure to checkout the mouse, mouse pads and other gears that the pro players are using.

Moreover, I would recommend you to work on your building strategy as it is a big part of this game and don’t forget to get inspired by other top players.