Tips to Get Better at Fortnite: Are you new at Fortnite? If yes, then you must be sick of getting killed so easily. I remember the first time when I played Fortnite it was a horror show in at least 10 matches I didn’t kill anybody just roaming around from here and there and getting killed it was frustrating and I am sure that every new player feels the same way.

Let’s say your friends are better than you and they do not want you to be on their team because you get killed so easily and put the whole squad in danger.

Well, it happens and Fortnite is a hard game to play and the player are quite experienced, they have new guns, they have a nice pickaxe, they even know the whole map and where are all the treasure chest and other valuables are located.

But no worries there are some tricks which will give you an upper hand in this battle royale. These tricks will definitely help you in playing more efficiently than staying in the lobby.

Fortnite is a very popular game and the players spent hours playing it and gaining experience but with these tricks and guidance you can simply match up to their level and dominate this game pretty quickly.

This game is cross platform, hence, available for PC, Ps4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS.

So as you can imagine that this game has a very large user base and you have to deal with the players all around the world.

Tricks and Tips to get better at Fortnite

There are some tricks that you must know in Fortnite, as you are here we are assuming that you have played the game and realized how hard it can get time to time. But we can recommend a few things that you should keep in your mind while playing the game are.

Land Carefully (For Beginners)

In the starting of the game, you must be aware of your landing. You should not land close to any opponent as they might kill you at the beginning of the match. Once I’ve tried to follow another player while landing. Unfortunately, he/she knew the location of treasure chest I got killed in just 10 seconds after landing.

So make sure you land at the right spot and maintain a good distance from other players inorder to stay away from them. Choose what kind of landing do you want if you choose fast landing then your aim should be to find weapons and hide from others or you can choose a late landing in which you have the option to look where other players are landing and choose the outskirts to find the objects you need.

Collect as much as you can & Build accordingly

After landing you should always go for collecting items wood, metal and stone this will help you in your quest to win these items are very useful in the game and you must always collect these items when you have the chance.

These items give you the upper hand in the combat and hide you from other players as these items are used for making walls, roofs, slopes and floors you must never forget to build while facing an opponent because these walls will block the attack of the enemy and help you in escape or battle your opponent.

It is very important part in every match that you build the structure if you need a base where your squad can meet and use the tactics. These resources helps you to reach the higher places where you cannot reach on your own, by building slopes you can reach on the mountains and other higher places.

Know your Weapon

Fortnite weapons

Fortnite weapons

You must know what type of weapon you want to use in the fight and don’t equip the same type of weapon again and again you should always have different kind of weapons for different kind of situations. You should know how every weapon works and how much damage they cause to your opponent to get the best result possible.

If you choose only one type of weapon then you might get killed easily your opponents. You must have a perfectly balanced loadout to burst your opponent into tears(figuratively and sometimes literally).

Your weapon list must have an Assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a shotgun(for beginners).

  • Assault rifle is for quick firing,
  • Sniper rifle is for long range shooting
  • Shotgun is for short range and high damage.

As you become more frequent in the game you will choose your own weaponry for your own style. This thing will definitely help you get better in Fortnite.

Think about Defence and Consumables

If you want to become a good player in a short period of time then you should always think about defense too. There is not denial that attacking is fun and all, but sometimes escaping from attack will take you a long way. New players might think that they can win by just attacking, so let me tell you one thing, you are playing against experienced and tactical players and reckless attack will get you killed in very short time.

You should always have consumables before going into a fight, they will make you stand the ground a little longer hence, increasing your chances to win. Also, Shields and Bandages are must-have to win and to stay longer in the match.

Always Choose your fights carefully

This is not like a game where you enter a room and kill 60,70 people and get out without even a tiny scratch. This is a game of tactical play and choosing your fight wisely, one other player is enough to kill you and send you to the lobby. So in this game you must consider when are you ready to fight, how do you want to fight and especially whom do you want to fight.

In my opinion, beginners must always fight from a distance from other players, shoot only when you have a clear view of the players and always shoot the head, it causes more damage or ultimate kill. You should never ever fight openly with squads because let’s say, you kill one of their member, the other squad members are not going to let you walk instead you will be killed in a blink of the eye.

Always check your inventory and your consumables before you go in a fight for better chance of winning.

Choose your list

Always choose what you want in your inventory and try to find every product which is on your list, you must put a great thought in your list so it can make you better on the field of action and help you defeat as many players possible.

You must always have few priorities after the landing and stack up your shelves accordingly. For example. Try to find Shield portions, Bandages, Rifles (i.e. Shotgun, Sniper, Pistol, Assault rifle, Rocket launcher) whatever is your preference.

You just had to make your player ready to fight on your terms. It’s not a very difficult task but you must have some knowledge about the rifles and the consumables then only you can make the best combination according to your style.

Use Pickaxe more often

If your enemy is downed you must use your pickaxe to eliminate your enemy and save your ammunition but always make sure that the environment is safe and nobody is there waiting to kill you and take the loot of both players.

Everything is Breakable and Resourceful

While playing the game you should always keep in mind that everything is breakable and structures like houses, trees, rocks etc is a resource and can be used in your favor. You can break a whole house and it will give you the necessary items to build your slopes and walls for your quest. Also, remember that these destructible forts and items can be very useful time to time.

Imagine if you see your enemy going in a house and you know where he/she is hiding you can surprise attack them by breaking the other side wall which will expose your enemy and you can easily give that poor soul an excruciating death. But you must always stay on your guard because other players can also break the wall of your house and give you a taste of your medicine.

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Learn the Map

Fortnite Map Season 5

We know that it will take some time to learn the whole map of the game but we are just saying that you learn the places where you find your previous chests and other helpful resources and guns. We know that it is not certain that the chest spawns in a different location every time but you might get the idea from where to start.

So at the starting of the game you can land near the treasure chests and fill out your inventory very fast and get ready to fight while others are searching for weapons. If you find your guns and consumables before other players you can easily eliminate a few members before the match properly begins.

Note: And for the beginners just always be super aware while entering into the popular areas. This tip will make you stand out from other average poor and you will surely get better at Fortnite.

It’s not Necessary to Kill

We are not here to kill as many players we can, we are here to survive as long as we can. It’s not necessary to kill every player you see, but it’s necessary to stay alive and win the match because that counts. Though killing is all fun of the game, however, if you are a beginner then you must learn how to survive. We are not playing deathmatch and I’ll guarantee, you will get a lot of chances of killing your opponent but you must have patience.

Every player in the match want to have the highest kill count and you can benefit from that. Let them kill each other and you can wait and stack up your inventory, then you can come out of shadows, kill just a few players and claim your victory. It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s easy from getting killed every time when you play without tactics.

Plug in Headphones

Sometimes it is very hard to hear what is happening when you did not connect the headphones. The sound of a fan, Ac or any other activity can distract you and you might not hear if anybody is shooting you or is right behind you.

So we recommend using headphones while you play, so that you can hear the sound clearly. The footsteps in Battle Royale are very loud and you can dodge the attack coming from behind if you use headphones.

Note: Golden chest makes a certain noise when it’s nearby so don’t miss it.

Look for Supply Llama

This is the newest feature in Fortnite and it is very rare. While others are busy battling each other you should look for supply llama. It is like a treasure chest but it has much more rewards to offer than a treasure chest. Llama is super hard to find and it contains 200 units of wood, stone, and metal. Not only that you also get 3 consumables and 10 stacks of every ammo available in the game except grenade launcher and ammo for the rocket.

Their location is never fixed and only 3 llamas spawn in the whole match. So as you can see it will definitely give you an upper hand in the match.

BTW, We have already covered Supply Llama locations so must have a look at it. 

Always Change the Movement

While playing you should always change your movements, if you run in the same direction it will be very easy for other players to target you and kill you from long range. So you must always run in zig-zag or jump, time to time, so other players can’t shoot you very easily.

Use jumping from time to time in a short range battle, so the other player won’t be able to aim you properly and you will have a great chance of winning.

If you are attacking someone from behind, it is best if you crouch so your enemy won’t hear your footstep and you can eliminate them very easily.

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Use comfortable Settings and Keybinds

This is a very important part if you wish to play fortnite like a pro. As we all know while starting the game, we get a screen to set the keybinds, mouse sensitivity and monitor settings.

Though most of us likes to use Fortnite settings of pro players like Ninja, Shroud, DrDisrespect, Tfue, Myth etc, one must also see what suits them the best. At times, using a Logitech G Pro makes more sense than using a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. 

Thus, don’t forget to look out for the best fortnite settings but also keep on experimenting with settings that suits you the best.

The more Height the better

You should always stay at a certain height above from other players, you must have seen a lot of players sitting on top of a cliff and shooting from there. It’s a good idea because you can aim better with your sniper rifle from high places and your opponent will not able to hit you as they won’t get a good enough look to shoot.

Staying at a certain height will also provide you a good look at the map and help you locate where the valuables and other players are hiding and the best way possible to get them without anybody noticing.

You should build a staircase and reach on a certain height to stay safe and eliminate your enemies without getting noticed.

So, these were some of the points that you must definitely keep in mind while playing Fortnite and these tricks/tips will help you get better at Fortnite forsure.