Every day thousands if not millions of people are joining Fortnite as it is one of the best and most addictive games of the current times.

Fortnite is a cross platform games hence it is available on all the platforms like Playstation, Xbox, Mac, PC, iOS and even Android.

Since, New players are joining Fortnite Battle Royale every other day, people face various problems while playing the game. But over a period of past few days one question was repeatedly being asked i.e. How to Fix (Solved) Network Failure When Attempting to Check Platform Restrictions in Fortnite?

So, we went ahead and tried to find a working solution for this problem. And now that our hard was has resulted in a positive way, its time to share methods with you.

Without any further ado, let’s see how you can fix Login Failure – Network Failure.

Fortnite Network Failure When Attempting to Check Platform Restrictions in Fortnite

We have discovered two ways to resolve this issue of Network failure when attempting to check platform restriction.

Method 1 – By Resetting the NAT Type

Method 2 – By Removing Login Access of the WIFI

Method 1 – By Resetting the NAT Type

In this method, you need to reset your NAT Type and let me remind you that this is a very sensitive method and one wrong step might lead to screwing up your Internet connection.

Step 1 – Login to your WIFI Settings Page

Firstly, you need to login to your WIFI Portal or WIFI Settings page to reset the NAT Type from Difficult or Moderate to Easy.

To Login to your WIFI Portal:

  • Most of the router portal or WIFI portal can be logged in using this IP Address: or http://www.routerlogin.net.
  • By Default, the username would be admin and the password will be password.

Step 2 – Turn Off UPnP

Once logged in to your WIFI Portal, Find the option UPnP, click on UPnP and turn off UPnP (Usually you will find it under settings but it depends upon the router brand).

Step 3 – Turn On Default DMZ Server

After turning off UPnP, You need to turn on default DMZ Server. You will find it in WAN Setup or Settings Page.

Step 4 – Apply and Restart

After doing all the above-mentioned task, you need to apply for the changes to take effect and restart the computer.

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Method 2 – By Removing Login Access of the WIFI

This method consists of two steps where you need to first enable PPPOE and select the connection mode as ON.

Furthermore, By enabling PPPoE it will remove the login feature to access and it will grant a direct access to the internet.

Enabling PPPOE

  1. Login to your WIFI Portal or Router Settings ( You can simply follow the steps that ahs been started in the above method)
  2. Click on Basic Settings
  3. There will be an option where it would ask “Does your Internet connection require a login?”,  Select Yes.
  4. Select PPPoE.
  5. Enter the login Username and Password
  6. Select the Connection Mode as Always On.

That’s it! Just apply these changes and restart the computer.

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So, This is it for today. I hope you must have got the solution for Fixing Network Failure Fortnite When Attempting to Check Platform Restrictions in Fortnite. If you have any question or suggestion regarding fortnite, then make sure to comment below!