Soma Prime: If you are a Warframe player then you have surely come here while searching for Warframe soma prime build 2018, Right? And also want to know Soma Prime Farming Guide and Relics?

If yes, then my friend, you are at the right place as here I’ll tell you each and everything about the Soma and its Primed version. Not only this, I’ll also tell you the comparison between both of them.

If you a die-hard fan of Warframe then you surely know about the Soma, Right? As it was one of the most powerful rifles of this game. It is not an end-game weapon but you can easily use this rifle for sortie level enemies.

So, without any further ado!!! Let’s start…

What is Soma Prime?

Soma Prime

Soma Prime

Soma Prime is an upgraded version or we say that Primed version of Soma Hand Rifle. It has higher characteristics such as:

  • Greater magazine size
  • Greater ammo reserves
  • Faster spool-up
  • A slight increase to status chance

On 15 November 2016, Soma Prime had entered in the Prime Vault along with Nova Prime and the Vasto Prime and be retired from the reward tables on November 22, 2016.

Soma Prime Stats, Utility, & Attacks

1. Statistics

  • Slot: Primary
  • Trigger Type: Auto-Spool
  • Mastery: 7

2. Utility

  • Ammo Type: Rifle
  • Fire Rate: 15.0 rounds per sec
  • Magazine Size: 200 rounds per mag
  • Max Ammo: 800 rounds
  • Accuracy: 28.6
  • Noise Level: Alarming
  • Reload Time: 3.0 s
  • Disposition: Disposition1

3. Attacks

  • Physical Damage: 1.0
  • Crit Multiplier: 3.0x
  • Slash: 6.0
  • Puncture: 4.8
  • Status Chance: 10.0%
  • Critical Chance:  30.0%
  • Impact: 1.2

Advantages & Disadvantages

Here below I’ll tell you the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Prime version of Soma assault Rifle.

1. Advantages

  • Fire Rate is High and Critical Chance too
  • Accuracy is also High
  • It has the highest crit damage multiplier compared to all rifles.
  • 2 V polarity Slots
  • Primed Version of Soma has the Large magazine size


  • Recoil is too high
  • Soma Prime Rifle Takes a long reload time.
  • Low Impact damage
  • Less effective against shields
  • hence relies very highly on crits.
  • Ammo economy is also not so good.

Must Check Out:

Let’s talk about “How To Farm Soma Primed Version”

Soma Prime Farming Guide

The Prime Version of Soma vaulted can’t be farmed anymore but you can easily grab the Upgraded version with the help of relics method.

Soma Prime Relics

Drop locations of Soma’s Prime version is given below…So, quickly check out!!

1. Blueprint:

  • Lith M1 Uncommon
  • Neo S1 Common

2. Receiver:

  • Lith S3 uncommon
  • Neo N1 Uncommon

3. Barrel:

  • Neo S3 Common

4. Stock

  • Meso S1 Rare

The relics are not in the drop table any longer, in spite of the fact that they can be gotten through exchange visit or

Comparison Between Soma Prime & Soma

In the below table you can easily check out the comparison between Soma and its Prime Version.

So, without any further ado!! Let’s get started…

Compared PointsSoma PrimeSoma
Higher status chance10%7%
Larger max ammo capacity200 Rounds100 Rounds
Larger magazine800 Rounds540 Rounds
Higher Mastery Rank required8 Rounds5 Rounds
Faster spool-up76

Soma Prime Build Guide

Before check out the following guide all you have to know that the perfect build took 4 forma, 1 dash polarity, and 3 V polarity!!!

The Red Crit Soma Prime Build is too simple, with the help using you following Mods you can easily build it.

1. Serration + Split Chamber: This lifts the default base harm of the rifle. This can be additionally supported with the assistance of Heavy Caliber, yet that would really make issues with the precision since their are a lot of rec.

2. Elemental Mods: You should pick basic mods according to the group, for instance, you can take a destructive form for the Grineer or change it to attractive when you go for a corpus mission. It is prescribed to run with Dual detail mods, for example, High Voltage + Rime Round

3. Point Strike + Vital Sense: You need the red crits right? – point high on the head and let the harm roll. You can likewise prepare Argon Scope (uncommon mod) and bladed rounds for to a great degree high crit damage.

You can also check out the following video if you can’t understanding the actual process for Soma Prime Building.

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