Supply Llama Locations: Loot llama is the newest and most helpful addition made in Fortnite and there are many rewards hidden in it. If a player finds this Loot llama in the match then he/she has a great chance of winning as you get 200 units of wood, stone, and metal.

Not only that you also get 3 consumables and 10 stacks of every ammo available in the game except grenade launcher and ammo for rocket.

Different Consumables

The consumables are in two sets:

  1. First is full shield and bandages
  2. The second one is chug jug and a slurp juice.

In every llama, you get one of these sets of consumables.

Latest Update

The amount of the reward has been reduced in the update v4.3 before this update the player used to get 500 units of wood, metal, stone and 10 stacks of every ammo including grenade launcher and ammo for rocket and the consumables are constant.

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Time and way to Break faster

These Loot llamas are just like a treasure chest but the llama takes a little more time like 5 seconds to open (it makes you very vulnerable and open to get attacked while opening the llama) and it has more items than a treasure chest. There is a faster way to open the llama you can use your pickaxe to break this llama much faster.

Availability of Supply Llama

Llama HotSpot Fortnite

These are extremely rare and very hard to find as there are only 3 llamas in each match and they always are in different locations and the locations are random. So, unfortunately, there is no sure way to find where this llama is going to be but there are certain locations where the llamas are found most and they are usually in these areas only.

Way to find Supply Llama quicker

But if you are determined to find at least one the best way is to glide around in the sky and hoping to see one from above they can be spotted from heights as they are in very colorful purple and different shades of blue and it looks like a llama so if it’s around you it will be very hard to miss.

Fortnite loot llaama locations

These are some of the locations we have found where the supply llamas usually spawn

  • West of Fatal Fields (8F) Search the area as the location of a llama in this area is uncertain.
  • East of Retail Row (I6) – At the triangle trees in the direction of north
  • South of Greasy Grove (C7) – The llama is hard to find in this area cause the spawn is uncertain
  • South of Tilted Towers (D6) – This location is on the eastern side near the border of D6 and E6
  • South of the Prison (H5) – Search the area for finding the llama.
  • North of Fatal Fields (F7) – It is usually located between the border of F7 and F8
  • South of Salty Springs (F7) – Like the previous one you can find this on the border between F7 and F8
  • East of Retail Row (I6) – This is situated on the south-east side of the triangle trees
  • North of Loot lake (E4) – You can usually found this around the north-west corner.
  • Pleasant Park (C4) – The llama can be found on the border located between C4 and C3 outside the house
  • East of Salty Springs (G7) – The llama is usually spawned around the corner between H7 and G7 in the southeast side
  • East of Retail Row (I6) – This is the best place to look for the supply llama because there are two spawn locations around this area.

But always keep in mind that the locations of Supply llama is random and as we’ve researched for hours there is still no guarantee that the Llama will spawn on the same location every time.

The locations above are just the indication of where you can find these Supply llama easily but the spawn is random and you must always prepare for searching more places for finding the llama.

supply loot llama locations

Precautions while opening the Supply Llama

Another thing if you feel like you always get killed while opening a treasure chest or taking any loot so make sure you build a place before opening or breaking the Supply llama for your safety.

This is because it takes time to open and you are very venerable at the time as you cannot attack or defend yourself which makes very easy for other players to find you and kill your player. So always make sure you always have shield or guard before opening the Supply llama.

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Our Advice

Many players did not find any of supply Llama yet and after very long time of searching we’ve found these locations which will surely going to help you find at least one in your games.

Our advice to you is do not give up take all the help you can find and start hunting for these Llamas and this will definitely give you an upper hand in your match and help you win.

In the end, we just want to say it all based on your luck to find one of these but these locations will definitely help you to get closer to one these Llama.

Let us know if it helps your search and if you find one of these now comment below and help others to find these Llamas. Good luck, Stick with the plan and Happy hunting.