Warframe Credit Farming- Best Warframe Index Guide [2018]

Warframe Credit Farming and Index Guide
Warframe Credit Farming and Index Guide

Warframe Credit Farming- Hey guys, Are you a die-hard fan of F2P Videogame Warframe? If yes, then you have surely come here while searching for Best Guide on Credit Farming Warframe, Right? And also want to know Places for Warframe index build.

So, if you are looking for a farming guide on this important currency then you have landed at the perfect place!! As here I’ll tell you each and everything about Warframe Credit Booster.

As you know, There are two important currencies in Warframe game one is Credit and the other is Platinium. You can easily purchase any items and upgrade your character with the help of these currencies.


Mostly players are confused and don’t know “How To Credit Farm in warframe”. So, Today I’ll solve your problem regarding Credit Farming by providing you Best Warframe Index Guide which is given below in this article.

Not only this, I’ll also tell you some Best Places For Farming Credits in Warframe.

So, without any further ado!!! Let’s start Credit Farming Guide of Warframe.

Warframe Credit Farming Guide

In Warframe, you need to spend Credits for almost everything like crafting, buying Blueprints and materials, and much more items. With the help of following things you can easily get Warframe Index Build.

Credit Farming
Credit Farming
  • Good Tanky Frame
  • 3 Day Credit Booster
  • Powerful weapon

Tips For Credit Farming

1. Gain funds through Romula on Venus- This will rewards you 12,000 Credits without enabled any boosters.

2. A player can easily collect slightly amount of Credits with the help of Sechura on Pluto

Must Check:

Warframe Farming Materials

ResourcesFarming Location
Argon CrystalVoid exterminate
CircuitsDraco (Ceres)
Malva (Venus)
Alloy PlateGabii (Ceres)
Draco (Ceres)
Malva (Venus)
Control ModuleAny Void Survival.
Hyena Pack (Psamathe, Neptune)
Raptors (Naamah, Europa)
GalliumAssur (Uranus)
Boss – Lieutenant Lech Kril (War, Mars)
CryoticAny Excacation mission
FerriteAny Void Defence.
Tikal (Earth)
Apollodorus (Mercury)
Nano SporesOrokin Derelict Defence
Akkad (Eris)
Piscinas (Saturn)
Orokin CellOrokin Derelict Survival
Draco (Ceres)
Piscinas (Saturn)
Neural SensorsCameria (Jupiter)
Boss – Alad V (Themisto, Jupiter)
Boss – Raptors (Naamah, Europa)
NeurodesOrokin Derelict Assassination
Tikal (Earth)
Zabala (Eris)
OxiumGalatea (Neptune)
Despina (Neptune)
PlastidsZeugma (Phobos)
Ophelia (Uranus)
Zabala (Eris)
Polymer BundleAssur (Uranus)
Ophelia (Uranus)
Apollodorus (Mercury)
RubedoAny Void Survival
Zeugma (Phobos)
MorphicsWahiba (Mars)
Boss – Captain Vor (Tolstoj, Mercury)
Apollodorus (Mercury)
TelluriumOphelia (Uranus)
Caelus (Uranus)
Sallacia (Neptune)
SalvageCameria (Jupiter)
Wahiba (Mars)

Best Place To Farm Credits Warframe

The Index @ Nef Anyo is the Best Place To Farm Credits Warframe. The ongoing changes made to the Index which has made it more fun. First, it used to be dreary because of the bots presenting the focuses even after the objective has been finished, the sum total of what this has been settled at this point.

Keep in mind guys, Don’t waste any credits on this game if you are not ready to finish complete mission or coveted objective.

As I saw, a lot of new comers spend high credits on this game because everyone knows this game is Superb!!! Don’t take this line on other way it’s just my suggestion.

Currently, the updated version enable you to promptly money out when the required points are submitted. I like to take Mesa and Sicarus Prime, because of Arcane Energize, I never come up short on vitality.

Here below I’ll providing you a table where you can easily check the Investment and Returns of Credits. Not only this, in this table I also mentioned about risk factor and targeted Points.

Double Return With Credit Booster:

RiskStakeNet ProfitPoint Target
Highnull50,000null200,000100 Points
Mediumnull40,000null135,00075 Points
Lownull30,000null75,00050 Points

Best Warframe Index Build

The following Frame For Credit Farming Index is based on my own experience so must use it once and I hope if you will play better then you’ll definitely get success in this game. So, must check out & Try it!!

According to my Warframe experiences the best frames are:

1. I would suggest you to take Tank frame of Warframe who carries a lot of points while damage other ones and the amazing thing is due to it’s Stress power, it doesn’t die quickly.

2. You can also choose Mesa Character because it has some special powers. If you have this character than you can easily destroy everyone’s power by pressing 4 button. And it doesn’t eat up energy very fast.

3. If you want to collect a lot of Points and Kills then I would suggest you to take Rhino who is known for his higher Strength. Once you start focusing on your killing you can easily run around and earned a lot of points.

Best Solo Warframe Credit Farm

Early, I easily got 50k Credits on each run because used Hieracon, Pluto with a credit booster in my Solo farm place. But…These days Index is one of the best ways, No denying to that, Right?

New comers are also running it and easily Farm their Credits in Warframe. I think Warframe Solo Index is one of the easiest way for you to complete it and collect a lot of Credits.

Mods Rewarded in The Index

Here below I’ll tell you some Mods that are rewarded in the index.

1. Kinetic Ricochet (Tetra)

2. Medi-Pet Kit (Kubrow/Kavat)

3. Pain Threshold (Warframe)

4. Shield Charger (Sentinel)

5. Static Discharge (Prova)

6. Thermagnetic Shells (Detron)

7. Tether Grenades (Penta)

8. Flux Overdrive (Flux Rifle)

I hope you really liked this useful Guide on Warframe Credit Farming and Best Warframe Index Guide. If you liked then must share this post with your friends. And keep tuned with us to get for updates on this.

Play Warframe Today and Earn A Lot Of Credits!!!

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