Cloak Fortnite Settings – FaZe Cloak is one of the top player who has a strong hold over CS Go, Call of Duty, PubG, Fortnite and many more. Cloak’s real name is Dennis Lepore and he is 23 year old.

He started his gaming life with Arma 3 then soon moved to H1Z1 and later to PUBG. Currently, Cloak is the team captain for FaZe Clans pro Fortnite team. This team also has Tfue, Cizzorz and a few other top players.

FaZe clans is a very popular and reputed eSports organization which was formed in the year 2010 by Thomas Oliveira & three other players. They have won various tournaments in several games like CS GO, COD etc. FaZe clan announced a tournament to form its Fornite professional team to form its Fornite squad. On 3 March 2018, Cloak was selected as a squad member and soon became the Team Captain.

With Battle Royale being the most trending and competitive game of the current times, FaZe Cloak is putting all his time playing this game. Not only this, Cloak also won the 2nd place in “Summer Skirmish” tournament which had $500,000 prize money.

After knowing this much about FaZe Cloak, im sure you must be dying to know about What settings does Cloak use for Fortnite or what are Cloak Fortnite Keybinds.

faze cloak


PlayerFaZe cLoak
Real NameDennis Lepore
Birthday26 December 1994
TeamFaZe Clan

FaZe Cloak Fortnite Settings

Game settings Input
Mouse Sensitivity X: 0.10
Mouse Sensitivity Y: 0.10
ADS Sens: 1.00
Scope Sensitivity: 1.00
Mouse DPI: 400
Polling rate 1000 Hz

Cloak Video/Graphics Settings

Video Settings Input
Window Mode: Fullscreen
Resolution: 1920×1080 16:9
Frame rate limit: Unlimited
3D Resolution: 100% 1920×1080
View Distance: Epic
Shadows: Off
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Textures: Low
Effects: Low
Post Processing: Low
Vsync: Off
Motion Blur: Off
Show FPS: On

Cloak Fortnite Keybinds

Action Input
Jump Space Bar
Sprint Left Shift
Crouch Left Ctrl
Reload R
Use E
Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slot 1 2
Weapon Slot 2 3
Weapon Slot 3 4
Weapon Slot 4 X
Weapon Slot 5 Z
Switch Quickbar Q
Building Slot 1 (Wall) F7 (Bound to Thumb Mouse Button 4)
Building Slot 2 (Floor) F
Building Slot 3 (Stairs) F6 (Bound to Thumb Mouse Button 5)
Building Slot 4 (Roof) V
Trap T
cloack fortnite settings

cloak fortnite settings

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Cloak PC & Setup

  • CPU – Intel Core i7 8700K
  • MEMORY – G.Skill RipJaws V
  • GRAPHICS CARD – GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • CASE – be quiet! Pure Base 600
  • MICROPHONE – Neumann TLM 102
  • WEBCAM – Logitech C922x
  • OS – Windows 10

Faze Cloak Gameplay

What are Cloak Fortnite settings?

I have shared all the settings that Cloak is currently using for Fortnite and they are pretty dope. He keeps mice sensitivity low and higher scope sensitivity.

Moreover, In order to get professional like Cloak, you shall try these setting and you can complement it with the high-quality Mouse and monitor he uses.

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QnA about Cloack

What is the real name of Cloak?
Cloak’s real name is Dennis Lepore.

When is Cloak’s birthday?
Cloak’s birthday is on December 26.

How old is Cloak?
Cloak is 23 years old.

Where is Cloak from?
Cloak hails from the United States of America.

I hope all your queries for Faze Cloak Fortnite settings have been answered and if you still have any questions regarding Fortnite settings, keybinds or skins, then don’t forget to comment below.

Happy Gaming!! 🙂