NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings: Nick Kolcheff is best known by his game name i.e. Nickmercs. He is one of the competitive players of Fortnite and long time Twitch Streamer. He has recently become famous because of his unique gameplay on consoles like Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Nick is a 27 years old guy from LA, USA who over 1.4 Million followers on Twitch and 750K susbcribers on Youtube. Apart from a good gamer, Nickmercs is also into body building. Currently, he is playing with Team Streamers and his all focus on Fortnite.

You can also check some other players of Team “Streamers” where he plays with the top players like Shroud, SypherPK, DrDisrespect, Myth, KingRichardDaequan, cdnthe3rd, Gotaga, OPscT, TimTheTatman, Summit1g,  Stromen etc. One thing that differentiates Nick from most of the other gamers is that he plays Fortnite with a Controller.

Since a lot of Fortnite lovers wanted to know about NICKMERCS settings, sensitivity, controller etc so I thought why not share all the settings, controls and keybinds that Nickmercs use for Fortnite.



Real NameNick Kolcheff
Birthday21 November 1990
CountryUnited States of America

NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Mouse SettingsInput
Sensitivity X6
Sensitivity Y6
Zoom/scope sens.0.45
ADS sensitivity0.45
HUD Scale0.85
60 FPSOn
Invert ViewOff
Sprint Cancels ReloadingOn
Tap to Search / InteractOn
Toggle TargetingOff
Auto Equip Better ItemsOn
Aim AssistOn
Reset Building ChoiceOff
Turbo BuildingOn
Auto Material ChangeOn
Controller Auto-RunOff
Streamer ModeOn
Brightness Calibration0.85
NICKMERCS Controller

NICKMERCS Controller

Nickmercs Fortnite Controller

Nickmercs Fortnite Controller

NICKMERCS Fortnite Gears / Peripherals


We will update NICKMERCS PC configuration very soon. If you have details about his setup then please feel free to comment below. This will help our community thrive. 🙂


NICKMERCS Video Settings


NICKMERCS Funny Moments

What are NICKMERCS Fortnite settings?

NICKMERCS uses controller for playing Fortnite that most of the players don’t use. He keeps X/Y sensitivity at 6 with ADS of 0.45.

Apart from using NICKMERCS sensitivity, controls, settings, and keybinds for Fortnite, you must also check his gears as they are some of the best gears and peripherals one can have. I have added links to his Mouse, Keyboard etc through which you can directly buy it.

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QnA Section about NICKMERCS

What is the real name of NICKMERCS??
NICKMERCS’s real name is Nick Kolcheff.

What is NICKMERCS’s age?
NICKMERCS is 27 years old.

When is NICKMERCS birthday?
NICKMERCS birthday is on November 21.

Where is NICKMERCS from?
NICKMERCS hails from the United States of America.

What controller does NICKMERCS use for Fortnite?
NICKMERCS uses Scuf impact.

So, this is all about NICKMERCS Fortnite settings!! If you still have any queries regarding Nickmercs Settings, sensitivity, keybinds or skins then just comment us below… We’ll solve your queries.

Follow Nickmercs Settings & Enjoy!! 🙂