Fortnite Emotes: Fortnite has been growing at a tremendous speed and gamers are loving it more and more. Well, The credit for such a huge following goes to the constant innovation and new features with every new season.

We have seen various Skins, Outfits, Pickaxes and what not but today we will have a look at all Fortnite Emotes that you can use in the game

But for those who don’t know what actually emotes are, here is a quick glimpse.

What are Fortnite Emotes?

Fortinte emotes are a way to express your feeling or show off your opponent with a dance move.

Though you get some common emotes for free with the beginning of the game, there are some emotes that you have to buy using V-Bucks. Moreover, you can get V-Bucks for free or purchase them from the game itself.

Also, New emotes come in the item shop every season and old ones are mostly removed. So make sure to get your hand on the emote which you like the most before its too late.

Fortnite Emotes

Below you’ll get a complete list of Dances and Emotes for Fortnite Royal Battle.

Unreleased Dances and Emotes

Storm Salutation:

fortnite emote storm salutation

Fortnite emote storm salutation

Common Dances and Emotes

fortnite emote dance moves

fortnite emote dance moves

Uncommon Dances and Emotes

1. Battle Call

fortnite dance battle call

Battle Call

Battle call an another uncommon Emote of Fortnite. This emote is usually use for challange other player or give symbol to your team members that battle will start.

2. Breaking Point:

fortnite emote breaking point

Breaking Point

Breaking Point is one of the Dance or Emotes of Fortnite game. To using this emote, first, you have to Buy it from Shop at 200 V-Bucks.

3. Bring It:

fortnite emote bring it

Bring It

4. Brush Your Shoulders:

fortnite emote brush your shoulders

fortnite emote brush your shoulders

5. Click

fortnite emote click

fortnite emote click

6. DIP

fortnite emote dip

fortnite emote dip

7. Face Palm:

fortnite emote face palm

fortnite emote face palm

8. Finger Guns:

fortnite emote finger guns

Finger Guns

9. Finger Wag:

fortnite dance finger wag

Finger Wag

10. Fist Pump:

fortnite dance fist pump

fist pump

Fist Pump is one of the emotes which comes in the catagory of Uncommon Emotes. You can use this dance/emote while playing Fortnite Royal Battle.

11. Go-Go-Go:

fortnite dance go go go

fortnite dance go go go

12. Gun Show:

fortnite emote gun show

Gun Show

13. Hot Stuff:

fortnite dance hot stuff

Hot Stuff

14. Job Well Done:

fortnite dance job well done

Job Well Done

15. Jubilation:

fortnite emote jubilation


16. My Idol:

fortnite dance my idol

My Idol

17. Red Card:

Fortnite Emote Red Card

Red Card

18. Rock Paper Scissor:

fortnite emote rockpaperscissor

Rock Paper Scissor

19. Slow Clap:

fortnite emote slow clap

fortnite emote slow clap

20. Snap:

fortnite emote snap


21. Sparkler:

fortnite emote sparkler


21. Take 14:

fortnite emote take 14

fortnite emote take 14

22. Thumbs Down:

fortnite emote thumbs down

fortnite emote thumbs down

23. Thumbs Up:

fortnite emote thumbs up

thumbs up

24. True Love:

fortnite emote true love

True Love

25. Waterworks:

fortnite emote waterworks


Rare Dances and Emotes

1. Baller:

baller fortnite emote


2. Boneless:

fortnite emote boneless


3. Capoeira:

fortnite dance capoeira

fortnite dance capoeira

4. Chicken:

fortnite emote chicken


5. Confused:

fortnite emote confused


6. Dab:

fortnite emote dab


7. Eagle:

fortnite emote eagle


8. Fancy Feet:

fortnite dance fancy feet

Fancy Feet

9. Flapper:

fortnite emote flapper


10. Flippin Incredible:

fortnite dance flippin incredible

fortnite dance flippin incredible

11. Flippin Sexy:

fortnite emote flippin sexy

fortnite emote flippin sexy

12. Hand Signals:

fortnite dance hand signals

fortnite dance hand signals

13. Dance Hitchhiker:

fortnite dance hitchhiker

fortnite dance hitchhiker

14. Hootenanny:

fortnite emote hootenanny

fortnite emote hootenanny

15. Infinite Dab:

fortnite emote infinite dab

Infinite Dab

16. Kick Ups:

fortnite emote kick ups

Kick Ups

17. Kiss:

fortnite emote kiss


18. Laugh It Up:

fortnite emote laugh it up

Laugh It Up

19. Living Large:

fortnite dance living large

Living Large

20. Make It Rain:

fortnite emote make it rain

Make It Rain

21. On The Hook:

fortnite emote on the hook

fortnite emote on the hook

22. Pumpernickel:

fortnite dance pumpernickel

fortnite dance pumpernickel

23. Praise The Tomato:

fortnite dance praise the tomato

praise the tomato

24. Pure Salt:

fortnite emote pure salt

Pure Salt

25. Rambunctious:

fortnite emote rambunctious


26. Rawr:

Fortnite Emote Rawr

Fortnite Emote Rawr

27. Rocket Spinner:

fortnite emote rocket spinner

Rocket Spinner Emote

28. Step It Up:

fortnite emote step it up

Step It Up

29. Tidy:

fortnite emote tidy


30. Twist:

fortnite emote twist


31. Wiggle:

fortnite emote wiggle

Fortnite Wiggle Dance

32. Work It Out

fortnite dance work it out

fortnite dance work it out

33. Zany:


Also have a look at:

1. Electro shuffle:

fortnite emote electro shuffle

Electro shuffle

2. Hula:

fortnite emote hula


3. Intensity:

fortnite dance intensity


4. LLama bell:

fortnite dance llama bell

llama bell

5. Pop lock:

fortnite emote pop lock

Pop lock

6. Fresh:

fortnite dance fresh

fortnite dance fresh

7. Reanimated:

fortnite emote reanimated

fortnite emote reanimated

8. Rock Out:

fortnite emote rock out

fortnite emote rock out

9. Rocket Rodeo:

fortnite emote rocket rodeo

rocket rodeo

10. Shake It Up:

fortnite dance shake it up

shake it up

11. Squat Kick:

fortnite emote squat kick

squat kick

12. Star Power:

fortnite emote star power

star power

13. True Heart:

fortnite emote true heart

True Heart

14. Vivacious:

fortnite dance vivacious

fortnite dance vivacious

Battle Pass Dances And Emotes

A. Season 5 Dances And Emotes

1. Gentlemans Dab- BP S.5 TIER 6

fortnite emote gentlemans dab

Gentlemans Dab

2. You’re Awesome- BP S.5 TIER 31

fortnite emote youre awesome

You’re Awesome

3. Swipe It- BP S.5 TIER 63

fortnite emote swipe it

Swipe It

4. Calculated- BP S.5 TIER 46

fortnite emote calculated


5. Breakdown- BP S.5 TIER 95:

Breakdown- BP S.5 TIER 95

Breakdown- BP S.5 TIER 95

B. Season 4 Dances And Emotes

1. Orange Justice- BP S.4 TIER 26

fortnite emote orange justice

Orange Justice

2. Popcorn- BP S.4 TIER 31

fortnite emote popcorn


3. Respect:

fortnite emote respect


4. Hype- BP S.4 TIER 63

fortnite emote hype


5. Groove Jam- BP S.4 TIER 95

fortnite emote groove jam

groove jam

C. Season 3 Dances And Emotes

1. Salute:

fortnite emote salute


2. TakeThe L:

fortnite emote take the L

take the L

3. Best Mates:

fortnite emote best mates

Best Mates

4. The Robot:

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