Pot O’ Gold

The Pot O’ Gold is one of the names of Pickaxe skin in Fortnite developed by Epic Games, inventor of the famous game – Fortnite Royale Battle. Pot O’ Gold is also identified as “Everything that Glitters.”

Release Date

The Pot O’ Gold was first released on 16th March 2018, and it was last seen on 10th April 2018.

Pricing & Where to buy?

The Pot O’ Gold is exclusively rare pickaxe skins that are available on the Cash shop for 1200 V-Bucks.

How to get it?

The players can buy this Pickaxe skin from the cash shop for only three days during the event on St. Patrick’s Day.


The Pot O’ Gold is a Harvesting tool skin which is the part of Green Clover Set and was designed to honor of the Iris St. Patrick’s Day. The Pot O’ Gold tool converts your pickaxe into magical three-leaf Clover stick with little gold coins floating at the end of the rainbow when you move or swing it.

Additional information

Since it is one rare and expensive skin, it was available only in the Cash shop during its rotation. There’s no definite pattern about the time when it comes on sale on the shop so keep an eye on the shop’s featured items.


  • This pickaxe skin is expensive than the other tools.
  • It can be re-added in the upcoming time.
  • On 1st May 2018, the Pickaxe was changed from Rare Pickaxe to an Epic Pickaxe.

Pot O’ Gold Images

Pot O' Gold Fortnite Skin

Pot O’ Gold Fortnite Skin

Pot O Gold fortnite

Pot O Gold fortnite

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