Shadow Ops

The Shadow Ops is one of the names of Costume in Fortnite developed by Epic Games, inventor of the famous game Fortnite. Shadow Ops is also described as “You didn’t see a thing.”

Release Date

The Shadow Ops was first released on 21st January 2018, and it was last seen on 24th January 2018.

Price & Where to buy?

The Shadow Ops is a black jet female-only outfit that is available on the Cash shop for 1500 V-Bucks.

How to get it?

The players can buy this outfit from the cash shop during the time of its rotation.


Shadow Ops is a different outfit which is the part of Stealth Syndicate Set, other than Shadow Ops the set includes Midnight Ops & Spectre. The Shadow Ops costume features a jet black epic with red highlights suit that is highly animated by secret spy outfits. She is equipped with one red shinguard on her left leg.

Additional information

Since it is an epic and one of the rare outfit, it was available only in the Cash shop during its rotation.

There’s no definite pattern about the time when it comes on sale on the shop so keep an eye on the shop’s featured items. Some other outfits are Vertex, Sun Tan Specialist, Reef Ranger, & Wreck Raider.

The Shadow Ops outfit is based on “Countess” character from Paragon, developed by Epic games but it’s now canceled.


  • Before entering in the match, the player recommended to try out the Shadow Ops outfit from the Locker.
  • The male version of the Shadow Ops outfit is Midnight Ops.
Shadow Ops Skin

Shadow Ops Skin

Shadow Ops Fortnite

Shadow Ops Fortnite

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