Skull Trooper

The Skull Trooper is another extremely rare skin in Fortnite developed by Epic Games, inventor of the famous game Fortnite and Fortnite Royale Battle, which is available on almost all platforms – macOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PS4, and XBox. Skull Trooper is also described as “A black and white skull costume.” The skull Trooper outfit was entered as a part of the Fortnitmares Update.

Released Time

The Skull Trooper is a Weekly Holiday outfit and was released during the time of Halloween theme event. It was added on 24th October 2017 and was last seen in November 2017.

Price, and How to get & Where to Buy?

The Skull Trooper is the name of one of the rare skin, paired with GhoulTrooper that was introduced as a part of Fortnitemares Update. It can be only available from the Cash Shop for 1200 V-Bucks during the Halloween week.

Halloween week

Skull Trooper was only available at the time Halloween week or Friday the 13th so keep an eye on the shop’s featured items during Halloween.


The Skull Trooper is the Epic outfit which is not a part of any set. The Skull Trooper Outfit Features with the two primary colors- Black & White. It comes with the Black military costume & white Skeleton print all over the suit. This item is made with a complete skeleton theme.

Additional information

Since it is one of the extremely rare skin outfits, it was available only during the Halloween. This outfit was available only at the time of Halloween. So, maybe it can be re-released next year during the Halloween period so better to keep an open eye for it.


  • Before entering the match, the player recommended to try out the SkullTrooper outfit from the Locker.
  • If it returns to the item shops, the price might get an increase to 1500 V-Bucks.

Skull Trooper Images

Skull Trooper Fortnite

Skull Trooper Fortnite

Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper png

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