The Wukong is one of the legendary outfits in Fortnite developed by Epic Games, inventor of the famous game Fortnite Royale Battle. Wukong is also described as “long live the King“.

Release Date

The Wukong was first released on 18th February 2018, and it was last seen on 31st July 2018. It was viewed 12 times in the Fortnite games.

Price & Where to buy?

The Wukong is the legendary outfit and one of the expensive costumes that are available at the Cash shop for 2000 V-Bucks.

How to get it?

The players can buy this legendary outfit from the cash shop during the time of its rotation.


Wukong is a rare and unique outfit which is not part of any set.


The Wukong costume is available in two primary colors- Gold & Red. Wukong outfit features a golden-yellow Chinese guard with a monkey king head appearance. The outfit will shape your character into metal-skinned android with bright golden eyes.

Inspired by

Wukong outfit is inspired by Monkey King, a Chinese mythological character that is also known as “Sun Wukong.”

Additional information

Since it is the legendary Gold outfit, it was available only in the Cash shop during its rotation. There’s no definite pattern about the time when it comes on sale on the shop.

This item can be re-added so keep an eye on the shop’s featured items. Some other legendary outfits are Dark Vanguard, Fate, Flytrap, and Magnus.

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  • To celebrate the Chinese New Year’s event, the Fortnite team launched this Gold rarity outfit which also depicted Shrines.
  • Wukong is also a character’s name in many games such as “League of Legends.”

Wukong Fortnite Images

Wukong Fortnite Skin

Wukong Fortnite Skin

Wukong Fortnite

Wukong Fortnite

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